First Concert

The first story in the Skyy mini-series.  Skyylar is spending the summer with her somewhat over-protective rockstar older brother.  ———- I rolled my eyes as my mother kissed me on the forehead. I was really pissed off at her, mostly because she ruined my summer by making me stay with my brother, but I couldn’t … More First Concert

Practice Makes Perfect

First story in the Practice Makes Perfect mini-series.   Amy’s new music instructor (also her classmate) has an interesting strategy to help her remember to practice. ———– At the end of my freshman year, I was granted permission to be in the advanced orchestra the next year under the condition that I practiced hard over the … More Practice Makes Perfect

Brianna: Concert

Brianna goes to a concert without her brother’s permission. ——– “No,” Terrence said. “End of story, Brianna. I’m not letting you drive all the way to Dallas on a Thursday evening to see some concert.” “But Terrencccee,” I protested, stomping my foot. “It isn’t fair. They’re my favorite band!” “I don’t care if they’re your … More Brianna: Concert

Brianna: To the Park

Bri disobeys her older brother and meets her boyfriend at the park.  He’s not too happy when he catches the two lovebirds. ——– I was going out with Joey, a hot senior who was captain of the basketball team. I spent nearly every moment of my life with him, thinking that doing otherwise would be … More Brianna: To the Park