Senior Skip Day

This story involves drug usage, so if you’re not cool with that, you probably shouldn’t read. Alex, with her cute puppy face and ease with telling stories, is lucky enough to get away with almost everything.  On senior skip day, however, she finds out that she won’t always be so lucky. ———– It was 8:20am … More Senior Skip Day

Not Normal

Jenn decides to party it up with her best friend, and by party it up, I mean get drunk and high.  Right before her older brother’s concert that she’s going to.  Nevermind that she’s not old enough to drink, and Ben is totally against her smoking weed.  The night only gets worse when she gets … More Not Normal


Gabriela (Gabi) and her friends are celebrating the end of the school year with loud music and speed.  It’s a great time until the cops crash the party.  And then Gabi makes some bad decisions that make even her older brother want to spank her.  So he does. ———- Can you please point me to … More Chemicals

Fed Up

Disclaimer – The following story represents the views on Christianity and religion which may be offensive to some.  If you are sensitive to this subject matter, please skip over this story (even though you’ll be missing one of my fav stories!). Juliana is irritated with her best friend, who seems to have fallen in love … More Fed Up