My New Little Sister

This one goes out to my friend Sadie.  Rachel and Sadie aren’t really that close, but a car ride changes all of that.  Sadie’s 16 and without a permit and manages to twist her older brother’s girlfriend (Rachel) to let her drive home.   ———- I wasn’t that close to my boyfriend’s little sister at first. … More My New Little Sister

Back on Track

(story revised 1/4/2019) Jocelyn is going down the wrong path, and her two older brothers will do what they can to help her get back on track. ———- It sucks when you think you’re home alone and you’re not.  Especially when you’re doing something that you shouldn’t be doing… like smoking weed. My older brother, … More Back on Track

Molly: Chapter 1

Molly – Chapter 1by Breanna Carter The only thing I didn’t like about October was the fact that I had to spend all night at the skating rink watching kids for twelve hours as they celebrated the fact that they got to bug someone other than their parents. It was something that we’d done for … More Molly: Chapter 1

Brianna: Bad Grades

Bri hasn’t been doing her best at school and her report card shows it.  But Terrence doesn’t seem too concerned about it.  This leaves her feeling guilty, and it just won’t go away.  She decides to confide in her new best friend, Anastasia, about the punishments she gets at home and whether or not she … More Brianna: Bad Grades

Practice Makes Perfect

First story in the Practice Makes Perfect mini-series.   Amy’s new music instructor (also her classmate) has an interesting strategy to help her remember to practice. ———– At the end of my freshman year, I was granted permission to be in the advanced orchestra the next year under the condition that I practiced hard over the … More Practice Makes Perfect