1: The Brat

Aubrey’s ten year old sister is a pain, and she’s fed up with it.  When Serenity refuses to do as she’s told, Aubrey teaches her a lesson… er, sorta. ———- I had about had enough of my bratty ten year old sister. She was to the point of doing everything possible to annoy the living … More 1: The Brat

Raven’s Black Tears

Misc story.  Involves self-injury.  Please read the disclaimer below. IMPORTANT Disclaimer: The author of this story in NO WAY believes in the NONconsensual spanking of teenagers with psychological problems. If you are a parent or friend and think that someone you know is cutting, don’t spank them, please. As a former cutter and friend of … More Raven’s Black Tears


First of two stories in the Roommates mini series.  Two college students become roommates and help each other stay focused and disciplined. ———– It was my first year in college and my roommate was a junior named Candy who just moved from New York. Why she chose Louisiana out of all the places in the … More Roommates


Michelle hits her mother and feels what a real punishment is like when her brother finds out. ———- Michelle and her mother stood toe to toe in the hallway of their small house, arguing. It was nothing new.  Lately, Michelle had begun to think she knew everything. That’s one thing about 14-year-olds, they ALWAYS think … More Patrick