Drunken Rampage

What’s better than getting drunk and telling off your ex-best friend?  Oh, I don’t know, maybe getting hauled out by a cute co-worker to whom you confess your love for spanking.  And then the next morning you’ve already forgotten about it and he’s already starting to spank you and you’re like wtf?  Yeah, that was … More Drunken Rampage

Skyy Meets Nathan

Previous:  First Concert ———- I was going through attention withdrawals. Does that make sense? Mike wasn’t paying a bit of attention to me anymore, but instead, he was out flirting with other girls, girls older than me, and Scott was doing about the same. At least I still had Brian to talk to, the shy … More Skyy Meets Nathan

Practice Makes Perfect

First story in the Practice Makes Perfect mini-series.   Amy’s new music instructor (also her classmate) has an interesting strategy to help her remember to practice. ———– At the end of my freshman year, I was granted permission to be in the advanced orchestra the next year under the condition that I practiced hard over the … More Practice Makes Perfect

Fake ID

Jenn uses a fake ID to get into a club that just happens to be the same one that her friend works at. ———- “Look,” my friend said, showing me three IDs in her hand. I looked closely, seeing one in which my picture was placed and a fake name was next to it. “What’s … More Fake ID

One Week Later

Stephanie drinks too much and allows her friend to help her get the guilt out. ———- I had always heard the saying “if you do that, I’ll make sure you won’t be able to sit for a week” but I never truly understood it. Could one really spank a kid so hard that they wouldn’t … More One Week Later

Running Away

Krys ran away from home and her friend is worried about her.  He assesses the situation and decides that it’s necessary for her to return, but when she resists, he takes stricter measures. ———– “When was the last time you ate?” Wesley said as the two of us sat in the back of our work, … More Running Away

Too Much

Emma drinks too much, and her guardian punishes her. ———- The phone rang loudly, echoing through the empty hallway. Trey groaned and looked at the clock that read 2:04 am. He answered the phone with a tired scratchy voice.  “Hello?” “Hey, Trey?” the man on the other line said. “Yeah,” Trey said irritably. “This is … More Too Much