Chapter 1 – Violet’s Chaotic Relationship

If you would like a soundtrack to go along with this, check out my playlist on Spotify or YouTube.  This chapter’s songs:  “Bad Girls,” “Over It,” and “This Hurts.” —– “You can’t do that! You can’t charge us for this!!” My high-pitched shrill startled the attendant as the plane we were supposed to be on … More Chapter 1 – Violet’s Chaotic Relationship

Allie & Natalie’s Weekend at Neal’s

After visiting their mom in prison, the girls spend the weekend with their father.  There’s a lot of emotions happening, which means that they definitely won’t be able to keep themselves out of trouble.  Good luck, Neal! by Lenore and Breanna ———– Natalie’s forehead stuck to the frigid window in the backseat of Peter’s car … More Allie & Natalie’s Weekend at Neal’s