Katelyn: Asking For It

by Mackenzie.  Katelyn is fed up with this ‘no spanking’ thing. So she asks for it from Daniel since Robert is out of town on business. Let’s see how that goes. ———————————————————– “This is fucking ridiculous,” I screamed, slamming Jessica’s door behind me. She looked up from the magazine she was reading. “What’s wrong with … More Katelyn: Asking For It

Jessica: Family Time — Jessica and Daniel

Plot-heavy story from Jessica’s POV during the time in which her brothers have instituted the “no spanking” policy. ———– The summer between 7th and 8th grade marked a big change in our lives. Katelyn and I just couldn’t get along… I think I was a little bitter towards her because of the whole nearly-killing-me thing. … More Jessica: Family Time — Jessica and Daniel

Go Mets

Part of the Jessica and Katelyn series.  Jessica is frustrated when she’s grounded during the big Mets game.  But since when has being grounded ever stopped her from doing what she wants? ——– Robert and I were constantly at each other’s throats. This time it was about my school work. While Katelyn brought home all … More Go Mets