Stabler Girls: Jerry

Part of the Stabler Girls series.  Breanna meets Lenore’s friend, Jerry, who ends up causing them more trouble than he’s probably worth.  But Lenore loves him like crazy, and it’s really all Great Aunt Mildred’s fault! ———- It was spring break, and Lenore and Breanna’s Great-Aunt Mildred (not to be confused with great Aunt Mildred, … More Stabler Girls: Jerry

Spanked Down Under

Cavender is on a trip to Australia and sneaks out with her host sister to a club. ———- “Cavender!” I heard a tiny voice whisper and felt my body being shaken. “Hmmm?” I groaned, opening my eyes a bit to see Hailey sitting over me. “Did you want to go to that place? Everyone’s asleep … More Spanked Down Under

Brianna: Chicago Fun, Part I — Souvenir Hairbrush

The soccer teams go on a trip to Chicago where Brianna and Anastasia are as well-behaved and angelic as always… Riiiiiiiiiiight.  Instead of obeying the chaperone’s orders and going straight to the bus, they decide instead to do whatever they want. ——— {Note: Brianna has already had her 17th birthday, for the record. She turned … More Brianna: Chicago Fun, Part I — Souvenir Hairbrush