Chapter 16 – Chloe’s First ‘Family Meeting’

Previous: Chapter 15 – Violet’s First Day at Work If you would like a soundtrack to go along with this, check out my playlist on Spotify or YouTube.  This chapter’s songs: “Afterlife,” “Horns,” “Blame It On the Kids,” “Bad Attitude,” and “Don’t Look At Me.” —– Violet fidgeted on Molly’s bed in a short skirt … More Chapter 16 – Chloe’s First ‘Family Meeting’

DDR Junkies

Mia is grumpy that she has to spend so much time at the casino hotel while her mom gambles.  At least they have Dance Dance Revolution in the arcade.  With the video game and the presence of her two new acquaintances, it turns out not to be so bad.  (Playful spankings and a serious one. … More DDR Junkies