Molly: Chapter 5

Molly – Chapter 5by Breanna Carter The weeks passed and I actually noticed a pattern in Molly’s behavior. A good pattern. She would come home in the afternoons and watch tv until I got home then start on her homework. At least that’s what it seemed to me. And I honestly knew that she was … More Molly: Chapter 5

Molly: Chapter 4

Molly – Chapter 4by Breanna Carter My day was hectic from the time I woke up and start fixing Molly’s breakfast. After I took her to school, I went by the office and had a chat with the secretary, giving the poor old lady my cell and house numbers and explaining to her at least … More Molly: Chapter 4

Molly: Chapter 3

Molly – Chapter 3by Breanna Carter I saw the tears welling up in my Molly’s eyes. “Oh Mollycakes,” I murmured, extending my arms. “Come here, babygirl.” She did as told and fell into my hug, sitting on my lap with her head lying on my shoulder and allowing me to rock her back and forth. … More Molly: Chapter 3

Molly: Chapter 2

Molly – Chapter 2by Breanna Carter I caught Molly before she collapsed to the floor in tears. I’d never seen her act like so before. She was muttering things, something I couldn’t quite make out but I guessed as, “Oh my God she’s gone, she’s gone, she’s gone.” I held her tightly, petting her hair, … More Molly: Chapter 2

Molly: Chapter 1

Molly – Chapter 1by Breanna Carter The only thing I didn’t like about October was the fact that I had to spend all night at the skating rink watching kids for twelve hours as they celebrated the fact that they got to bug someone other than their parents. It was something that we’d done for … More Molly: Chapter 1