New Roommate

Stephanie and her new roomie don’t get along too well, and she lets her anger get out of control.  That’s okay, Trey knows how to handle it. ——– My 8th-grade year, Oak Grove turned into a private school designed for the arts and music, and of course, academics. The middle school and high school converged … More New Roommate

Orchestra Trip #2

Previous:  Oak Grove Academy #1 – First Orchestra Trip Stephanie gets caught with cigarettes. ———- “Okay,” I whispered as the advanced high school played on stage in front of us. I knew to talk softly because Trey could pick up any sound from his spot on stage, and if he heard me talking, I’d be … More Orchestra Trip #2

Orchestra Trip #1

This is the first story in the Oak Grove Academy mini-series (and my first spanking story ever posted).  Stephanie and her two best friends are stoked for their orchestra trip to Seattle, even more so when they sneak alcohol from the unauthorized high school party.  The downside is that the orchestra teacher is a family … More Orchestra Trip #1