Not Normal

Jenn decides to party it up with her best friend, and by party it up, I mean get drunk and high.  Right before her older brother’s concert that she’s going to.  Nevermind that she’s not old enough to drink, and Ben is totally against her smoking weed.  The night only gets worse when she gets … More Not Normal

I Wanna Go Home!

Sydney is bummed that she’s stuck going to day camp instead of getting to lounge around in the air conditioning with her neighborhood friends all summer.  After being a brat all day to the counselors who are only there to make her life more miserable than it already is, Sydney swims into trouble.  The problem … More I Wanna Go Home!

Brianna: Party!

While Terrence is out of town, Brianna throws a party. ——— “I’m just going to be gone for the weekend. Are you sure you’ll be okay by yourself?” Terrence asked me for the 500th time. “Yes, Terrence, I’ll be fine,” I said, urging him again to leave. “Okay, well, the emergency numbers are on the … More Brianna: Party!

Brianna: Skipping Again

It’s the second time Bri gets caught skipping class… Terrence isn’t thrilled. ——— “What exactly do you think you’re doing, Miss Carter?” The voice behind me sent a shudder through my body. It definitely didn’t sound very pleased to see me out of my sixth-period class behind the T-buildings near the parking lot. “Er,” I … More Brianna: Skipping Again

Orchestra Trip #2

Previous:  Oak Grove Academy #1 – First Orchestra Trip Stephanie gets caught with cigarettes. ———- “Okay,” I whispered as the advanced high school played on stage in front of us. I knew to talk softly because Trey could pick up any sound from his spot on stage, and if he heard me talking, I’d be … More Orchestra Trip #2