Brianna: Heavenly Weed

Bri starts selling weed and has this great idea to sell it to someone at school.  When she gets caught, the consequences are beyond that of just a spanking.  This story feels like it was like the turning point in this series… it’s what set up the next phase of Brianna stories.   ——– I can’t … More Brianna: Heavenly Weed

Brianna: Concert

Brianna goes to a concert without her brother’s permission. ——– “No,” Terrence said. “End of story, Brianna. I’m not letting you drive all the way to Dallas on a Thursday evening to see some concert.” “But Terrencccee,” I protested, stomping my foot. “It isn’t fair. They’re my favorite band!” “I don’t care if they’re your … More Brianna: Concert

Brianna: To the Park

Bri disobeys her older brother and meets her boyfriend at the park.  He’s not too happy when he catches the two lovebirds. ——– I was going out with Joey, a hot senior who was captain of the basketball team. I spent nearly every moment of my life with him, thinking that doing otherwise would be … More Brianna: To the Park

Brianna: Stolen Car

Bri knows the cure for her best friend’s broken heart.  Too bad she has to take Terrence’s car in order to provide her with that cure. —— “Brianna?” “Hmmm?” I said sleepily as I lay in my bed disturbed by the loud ringing of the phone. “I need you to come over,” my friend said, … More Brianna: Stolen Car

Brianna: Party!

While Terrence is out of town, Brianna throws a party. ——— “I’m just going to be gone for the weekend. Are you sure you’ll be okay by yourself?” Terrence asked me for the 500th time. “Yes, Terrence, I’ll be fine,” I said, urging him again to leave. “Okay, well, the emergency numbers are on the … More Brianna: Party!

Brianna: Skipping Again

It’s the second time Bri gets caught skipping class… Terrence isn’t thrilled. ——— “What exactly do you think you’re doing, Miss Carter?” The voice behind me sent a shudder through my body. It definitely didn’t sound very pleased to see me out of my sixth-period class behind the T-buildings near the parking lot. “Er,” I … More Brianna: Skipping Again