Chapter 23 – Molly’s Second ‘Family Meeting’

Previous: Chapter 22 — Molly Gets a Cat “I called you three times on FaceTime already!  What are you hiding from me?” Vic’s accusatory tone made my heart pound so hard my ears throbbed.  “Nothing!  I’m cleaning for the meeting tonight.” “Oh, okay.  I figured maybe you adopted a cat or something…” I paused with … More Chapter 23 – Molly’s Second ‘Family Meeting’

Chapter 17 – Violet’s Weekend with Toby

Previous – Chapter 16 – Chloe’s First ‘Family Meeting’ If you would like a soundtrack to go along with this, check out my playlist on Spotify or YouTube.  This chapter’s songs: “Angry Too,” “Feel Nothing,” “Resentment,” “Cry,” and “The Calm Before Reform.” —– As Gabe and I walked out of the office, I saw a … More Chapter 17 – Violet’s Weekend with Toby