Stabler Girls: Jerry

Part of the Stabler Girls series.  Breanna meets Lenore’s friend, Jerry, who ends up causing them more trouble than he’s probably worth.  But Lenore loves him like crazy, and it’s really all Great Aunt Mildred’s fault! ———- It was spring break, and Lenore and Breanna’s Great-Aunt Mildred (not to be confused with great Aunt Mildred, … More Stabler Girls: Jerry

DDR Junkies

Mia is grumpy that she has to spend so much time at the casino hotel while her mom gambles.  At least they have Dance Dance Revolution in the arcade.  With the video game and the presence of her two new acquaintances, it turns out not to be so bad.  (Playful spankings and a serious one. … More DDR Junkies

Picture Yourself Here

Based off of this photo: Jessica gets an attitude with her mom while out to lunch.  Don’t worry… her mom didn’t hesitate in spanking her right there in the restaurant.  And then another one in the bathroom.  Oh, and another one at home, by Jessica’s “older brother figure.” ———- “Mom, I don’t want to go!” … More Picture Yourself Here